The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Mover for Your Sonoma County Business Relocation

Whether you run your own small business or manage a large office or warehouse, your business is your livelihood. If you are planning on relocating to a new location, you will want to ensure your move is handled efficiently and carefully. But before you try and tackle an entire business relocation on your own, please read on for why you should consider hiring commercial movers!

At Careful Moving and Storage, our team has helped successfully relocate hundreds of local businesses across Sonoma County. If you are looking for the most efficient way to move your business, hiring a commercial mover is the answer. Read on to learn how a commercial mover can save you time and money during your business relocation. 

Should I Hire a Commercial Mover?

1. Get Back to Business Faster after Relocation with a Commercial Mover

Moving all your company equipment, furniture, and other important assets can cause significant interruption to your business productivity. And when it comes to your livelihood, prolonged downtime is something you can’t afford. 

A professional commercial moving company, like Careful Moving and Storage, will have the experience required to get your company relocated swiftly with little interruption. Our commercial moving team has years of training and first-hand experience that allows us to handle any move quickly and efficiently.

2. Commercial Movers Know Proper Handling Techniques

With a commercial mover, you can rest assured knowing that your business assets are being handled with professional care. A moving company will have the experience required to properly handle and transport delicate electronics, heavy equipment, bulky furniture, and much more. 

At Careful Moving and Storage, all our movers are expertly trained on how to properly employ the most appropriate and efficient moving techniques with the utmost care. Our team participates in regular training activities to ensure we all remain up-to-date on the best handling and transporting procedures.

3. Save Your Business Money with a Commercial Moving Company

Relocating an entire business on your own can come with many unforeseen rental expenses and can require more time to complete than you expected. When you hire a professional full services moving company, they will provide all the proper materials and equipment required to make your move simple and efficient with no additional fees.

At Careful Moving & Storage, we understand that as a business owner, your time is valuable. That is why we offer free commercial move consultations. We work with you to create a moving plan that best suits your needs. This includes an estimated cost of your move and a schedule of when you can expect to be fully moved into your new business location.

4. Commercial Movers Provide Valuation Coverage for Your Business

Many businesses have expensive or delicate equipment that is essential to the services they provide. Should any of your vulnerable business assets be lost or broken during your move, you will want to be covered. With proper valuation coverage, a commercial moving company can ensure that you are reimbursed for any property that is lost or damaged during your move. 

Our experienced commercial movers at Careful Moving and Storage will always handle your items with the highest quality care. But in the event of an accident, we will always make sure your business receives the compensation it deserves.

5. Make the Move Easy on Your Employees with a Commercial Mover

Your team is really good at what they do; that’s why you hired them! But just because your sales team may be the best in the biz, carefully maneuvering expensive office equipment down a staircase may not be one of their strengths. 

Someone who is not trained to lift and move heavy things can easily get hurt or sustain an injury while on the job. A commercial mover will do all the heavy lifting for you, and make your business relocation easier for all of your employees.

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