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History of the Cat Logo

The history of this logo of a mother cat carrying her kitten was first seen in California around the year 1890. These were the days of horse drawn equipment. We are told that the owner’s last name was Becker, but where the Beckers acquired the logo or the idea is unknown. The Beckers retired from their business and sold the company to Hales department store in San Francisco in the 1920s. Furniture stores in the late 1800s were known to frequently offer moving services as a side business.

In the 1930’s two Irish immigrants, Griffin and Cummins bought the moving company and also operated a used furniture store. Around World War II, Cummins realized that the moving aspect of their business was about to flourish, so he offered his partner a split of the business. Griffith chose the furniture store. Cummins changed the name of the moving company to Market Street Van and Storage and became the largest moving company in San Francisco well into the 1960s. The logo has appeared on the sides of the careful moving trucks off and on since 1960.

Karl started his company “Bastian Moving and Storage” in 1975 and soon after he acquired the Service Mark for the Cat logo for California and subsequently for the United States. He retired and sold his business in 1998. He kept the logo and after a period of time began work on the Careful Moving Network concept. He was always amazed at the logo’s ability to bring in the business. Initially he shared the logo with friends. Today the cat logo is once again appearing on the sides of moving truck all over the Bay Area. The logo is now being marketed across the United States, as the Mother Cat with the kitten is becoming once again the premier moving company.