Moving Tips to Make Your Next Move as Smooth and Efficient as Possible

Check out these 6 moving tips from Santa Rosa’s local moving company, Careful Moving & Storage, to make your next move smooth, easy, and quick.

Know What You Want to Move Yourself or Pay to Have Moved

Determine which things to leave and take with you. Hiring a moving company requires payment so you should decide wisely on which belongings are worth paying for.

Coordinate with Your Moving Company

An in-home inspection is a wise move as you can get moving quotes from the company and even ask them relevant questions such as the handling of valuable items.

Pay attention on how the company conducts the survey. This could help you determine which company is reliable and which is not.

Be informed about the weather forecast on the moving day. Keep the driveways and sidewalks clean, so dirt and debris are not tracked into your home. Also, know whether your movers will provide floor protection for your house.

Inform concerned neighbors regarding moving dates. This shall prevent conflicts in parking situation as moving trucks usually take up a lot of space.

The person who transacted with the company should be the same person to coordinate with the moving crew. This will help prevent discrepancies between the list of items that are set to be moved and those that will actually be moved. In addition, give the driver a tour of your home when he asks for it. That way, you can answer relevant questions that he might ask.

Stay Hydrated and Energized

Serve snacks and drinks to the moving crew. This could help increase their productivity.

Be Respectful to The Moving Crew

Show respect to the moving crew. It would certainly have an effect on their performance.

Work with the driver as he does the inventory. This is a good time to discuss questions and other concerns. A reliable inventory could benefit both you and the moving company.

Be Prepared to Know and Show What Goes Where

Prepare schematics of how furniture will be placed in your home. Check the inventory as soon as furniture is moved to your new home.

Tip, When Applicable

Tip are optional, but should be based on the quality of moving services delivered by the crew. Excellent service deems higher gratuity.

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