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How To Safely Pack Fragile Items for a Move and Storage

Nothing can be more disappointing than hearing something shatter during a move or opening up a box to find your most treasured belongings damaged. Properly packing fragile items to be stored or moved can help you avoid any mishaps during transport. 

Follow these five tips to avoid damaging your fragile items while in transit to your new home, office, or storage facility.


Before you start packing up anything, invest in sturdy moving and storage boxes. Moving with flimsy boxes can leave even the most carefully packaged items at risk of being damaged. For long-term storage of particularly valuable and fragile items, consider specialty containers to ensure they remain in pristine condition. 

When assembling your boxes, place a strong strip of packing tape on the bottom to ensure it is securely sealed. Add a cushioned base of durable bubble wrap or foam to the bottom of all boxes that will contain breakable items.


When preparing to move or store your belongings, start to gather a variety of different protective materials like recycled newspaper, bubble wrap, and old towels. You will want to individually pack each fragile item to give it it’s own protective barrier. 

Items that can be easily scratched should be wrapped in a soft cloth first, and then layered with a thicker protective material to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. When transporting large electronics or vulnerable furniture, our movers at Careful Moving and Storage Inc. always use protective cloth to prevent possible scratches.


You will want to pack up your moving and storage boxes with the heaviest items on the bottom to ensure nothing gets crushed in the process. Make sure there is no empty space that will allow fragile items to shift in the box during transportation. Add packing peanuts or crumpled up packing paper to fill in any air pockets.

Before sealing the box up, add additional cushioning to the top. This will help keep everything in place and prevent any accidents while on the road.


Before you begin loading the boxes up for transport make sure they are clearly labeled as fragile to ensure anyone who handles it knows to be extra careful. It is also helpful to indicate what type of fragile material is in the box. 

If a box is labeled as “glass” or “ceramic,” it should be loaded or stored without anything on top of it. It should also be secured so it can not fall or slide around. Labeling a box with “electronics” will indicate that the items inside will need to remain in a temperature-controlled environment. 


When you hire a professional, you get the peace of mind knowing all your fragile belongings are being packed and handled carefully. With years of experience, a professional moving company like Careful Moving & Storage can load a moving truck or storage unit with expert care and ease. They will make sure all your items are secure during transport and arranged responsibly for short or long term storage. Our team at Careful Moving and Storage has experience moving everything, from delicate antiques to specialty items like pianos.

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