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6 Tips for Safely Packing and Storing Holiday Decorations Until Next Year

Decorating for the holidays is one of the best ways to get the whole house in a festive mood. But detangling string lights or opening boxes to find cherished ornaments broken is enough to make anyone feel like a Scrooge! 

Skip the ‘bah humbugs’ next year by packing and storing your holiday decor with expert care this year. With an organized plan of attack, you can make decking the halls a fun experience again and ensure all your favorite holiday decorations stay in tip-top shape.

Read on for six easy tips from the expert movers at Careful Moving and Storage on how to safely pack and store your holiday decorations until next year!

How to Safely Pack and Store Your Holiday Decorations


Many people have opted for artificial Christmas trees to avoid messy pine needles and unwanted pests. But to ensure your tree remains in good condition and is easy to set-up for years to come, packing and storing it correctly is essential. 

Keep the original box that your tree came in. This provides the perfect sized container to store it in after the holidays have passed. To ensure unwanted house pests don’t find their way in while your tree is stored, you can carefully wrap it in cellophane. This will also make taking your artificial tree in and out of the box easier! Simply cut the protective cellophane away and fluff the branches out when it’s time to set-up your Christmas tree again.


Decorative holiday wreaths are designed to be hung up, so it makes perfect sense to store them that way too! Installing a long wall hook in your storage area can allow you to safely hang multiple wreaths discreetly until next year. Again, use that trusty cellophane to wrap each wreath individually to ensure they remain free of dust and debris.


Tired of untangling unruly string lights every year? After taking down your holiday lights, carefully wrap them around a reel for easy access next year! ⁠If a reel is too bulky for your storage space, wrap your string lights around a piece of sturdy cardboard so they can be easily placed in a box. Keep extra hooks, spark plugs, or other necessary hanging materials stored with your lights to make decorating your home or tree even easier next season.


Many traditional Christmas ornaments are delicate and require secure wrapping to keep them safe while being stored away. Packing each ornament individually with sturdy craft paper or leftover wrapping paper can help keep them cushioned. Add cardboard dividers to ensure they stay securely in place and don’t rub or bump into each other. 

If you take the time to organize your ornaments by color, theme, or material, you will thank yourself next year! Don’t forget to clearly label your storage boxes to save yourself the headache of searching for specific ornaments when it’s time to decorate again.


Your outdoor decorations have endured the winter elements all season, so make sure to wipe them down with a damp cloth before deflating them. A light layer of soapy water can also help you spot any potential air leaks! Once they are clean and dry, allow them to fully deflate on their own, and fold them up, and secure the power cords with a zip tie.

Store your inflatable yard decoration in their original boxes or a sturdy storage bin with the heavy cord on the bottom. Never over-stuff your storage bins to ensure you aren’t causing extra wear and tear on the decorations that could cause possible rips or punctures.


Holiday displays or nativity scenes with multiple pieces should all be individually wrapped with protective cloth or newspaper. Store them in sturdy boxes with additional packing materials so they have no room to move around. Make sure all storage boxes are securely enforced on the bottom, clearly labeled, and stored flat and upright. 

If you need to conserve storage space, make sure to stack boxes with the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest on top. Consider packing and storing special holiday dishes, plates, or cutlery in the same fashion as your other fragile holiday décor.

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