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Avoid Costly Moving Mistakes by Hiring a Professional Residential Mover

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience and a fresh start. Unfortunately, there can be some surprises that come up that can bring your perfect moving plan to a halt. Before you start packing, consider these five common mistakes DIY movers frequently face during the moving process. Mort importantly, learn how hiring professional residential movers can help you avoid them.


The process of packing up your entire home for a move is a daunting task, and if done improperly results in broken or damaged items. Even with a hefty dose of packing peanuts and bubble wrap, your precious belongings could still be in danger if not handled carefully.

Reputable residential moving companies provide the tools, supplies, and trained professionals you’ll need to get fragile valuables to their destination unscathed. Even before loading the moving truck, necessary items are carefully wrapped in blankets and furniture pads, gently moved with moving dollies, and secured with straps, ropes, and wrap.

The Careful Moving & Storage team is expertly trained and equipped with the materials for proper packing to keep even the most fragile items safe and sound. Our professional moving services ensure a broken item doesn’t result in a broken heart at the end of your move. In the rare case something is lost or broken under our care, our valuation coverage will reimburse the value so you always have peace of mind.


happy young couple packing up their home for a move

DIY movers often underestimate the intensity and time it takes to pack everything. Waiting until the last minute means you’re rushing to get everything boxed up and loaded in the truck. This is a recipe for lost and broken belongings.

Careful Moving & Storage in Santa Rosa provides a free consultation to discuss your moving deadlines so you can create a schedule that we will stick to. Our extensive local and long distance residential moving experience allows us to accurately determine how long your move will take. When you hire a professional residential mover like Careful Moving you can rest assured that we will work with your schedule.


Pivoting a large couch through a doorway or navigating stairs with a washing machine in tow could lead to accidents that damage your belongings or the property. Scratched hardwood floors, ripped up carpet, vehicle damage, dents, holes, and chipped tile counters are just some of the most common accidents that happen during a DIY residential move. Don’t waste money on costly repairs or losing your safety deposit!

Proficient movers specialize in preparing a space for large moves to avoid damage. The residential movers at Careful Moving & Storage undergo weekly training to remain up to date on the most efficient moving techniques to ensure your belongings and your property remain in tip-top shape.


Woman makes moving mistakes by not properly budgeting for her residential move

Strict DIY budgets may quickly fly out the window as surprise expenses come up. The move may take longer, include more trips, or require more supplies than you expected, leading to a ballooning bill.

Professional residential moving companies are happy to provide an accurate estimate from the start. Once a contract is signed, you can rest assured you know what your move will cost without the threat of expensive surprises popping up.


That stressed out or rushed feeling is pretty common when you decide to take on an entire move on your own. If you’re feeling short on time, it can be easy to disregard important safety precautions like proper lifting techniques or you may push yourself to lift more weight than you should.

Unfortunately, this will likely lead to some pretty serious injuries and nothing will delay your home move more than you getting hurt! Back injuries, pulled muscles, over exertion, slips, trips, and falls are just a few of the most common injuries people experience every day during a move.

Never risk your health or put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation – moving-related injuries are completely avoidable. The professionals at Careful Moving & Storage are properly trained in heavy lifting and utilize professional tools to complete a safe and injury-free move. Save yourself from the pain and enjoy the first days in your new home without a trip to the doctor.

Avoid Moving Mistakes with Professional Residential Movers at Careful Moving and Storage Today!

Click Here To Move With Us Careful Moving and StorageMoving doesn’t have to be hard! Our team of professional movers at Careful Moving & Storage is committed to customer service and the highest quality of care. With over 45 years of experience in Sonoma County, we have the insight and know-how to help you avoid moving day mistakes for an easier, faster, care-free residential move.

For your next move, consider local moving company, Careful Moving & Storage, for a job done right the first time. Contact our team to get a free residential move estimate today!